tumblr_no63dlq6qV1u3f5h0o6_540Are you wanting to have the opportunity to work with me in a face-to-face way?

I have more than a decade experience facilitating workshops and helping guide individuals and groups through growth and learning. I am stoked to bring these skills and experience to you and your groups.

I am most interested in working in the West Kootenay region, but am willing to travel for opportunities that can support my travel costs.

Capacity Building for Community Groups: Organizational development offerings that may be of use to your organization or community group.

Personal Coaching: Working with me to help you navigate challenging transitions and growth periods with grace and resilience. Working with individuals and couples in the West Kootenays in person. I also do appointments over skype or phone.

Upcoming Shows and Events: Speaking gigs, dj sets, workshops and presentations.

Adult Sex Ed Parties: Learn about techniques and toys in a casual, entertaining and empowering environment.


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