Are you working through a challenging transition?fierce-logic-fox-news-fails-in-accidental-que-L-eCmUz5

I am available to help you navigate through personal growth, supporting you to work into being your best self. I bring a broad background in community driven support work, harm reduction including psychedelic support, gender exploration and embodied tools for empowerment. I am also available to work with couples and families, including providing support around gender explorations + transitions, relationship structures including polyamoury, holistic harm reduction approaches to substance use and more.

I have been mapping routes out of toxic mythologies and helping stock resiliency tool boxes for myself and others for years.  I am looking forward to working with you to help you create your own maps and tool boxes.

I am available for in person appointments in the West Kootenays, in your home or in nature. I also work with people over the phone or skype.

Contact me by email to discuss what a coaching appointment could look like in your life.

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