Manifesting-Money-How-to-Attract-Abundance-When-Youre-Feeling-BrokeOperating as an independent rebel rouser, teacher, online writer and homesteader has material costs. In efforts to make this work my full time job I need the people who support my work to do so in some of these suggested ways:

  • Hire me to run a workshop, give a presentation or facilitate a process with your business, organization, community group, conference or gathering.
  • Sign up for my online class. The class will be a trans-centered learning space where cisgender folks willing to build allyship skills are welcome. Tuition is 100$/ person. Folks with more economic access are encouraged to pay more as a means to sponsor scholarships for trans folks with less access privilege.
    If you are a trans person interested in the course and needing scholarship support please email me- I want to make the course available to you and am willing to secure support from our allies to make that happen.
  • Send me money via email or paypal to
  • Help me acquire things that I need. You can get in touch with me about specific needs that you can help me meet- maybe you could pay my tuition for a class I am interested in taking, acquire me something from my Amazon wishlist, or fill my fridge + pantry with food. A part of working towards creating the type of world that I want is moving away from every transaction we make losing value in the process of becoming monetized in its’ exchange. I believe that barter and trade of skills, goods and time are valuable currency to express gratitude with.

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